Award-Winning Author / Speaker / Beast Slayer

I am the the Author of, “Still Standing After All the Tears” & Creator of the Nine Actions to Battle Your Beast.

In 2004, my 18 year old daughter was shot by her ex-boyfriend. Over the next decade, Jamie’s* life spun further out of control and as a result, mine plunged into darkness. I would face the heartbreaking reality that my daughter was a heroin addict, and the painful truth that I was powerless to save her from her Addiction Beast.

After riding what I calls the Roller Coaster From Hell, for nearly 13 years, I found a way to stand up and fight. I started teaching the very Actions that I used, to help countless moms of addicts, and  others to put the pieces of their lives back together after all hell has broken loose.

On August 28, 2016, my worst fear came true – my precious daughter was killed. Once again, I had to find the courage to stand up fight; this time with a hole in my heart. There were days when I wasn’t sure I could get back up, but that is just what I did. Today, I fight even harder to help others, this time with my baby girl’s spirit by my side.

I am living proof that, even in your darkest hours, there is hope.

*Before Jamie’s death, I chose to call her “Jordan,” out of respect for her story. Now, we tell our story together.